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How to check the wear mark about Industrial tires, agricultural tires and ATV tires

2019·08·29tire manufactuer

  There is the wear mark in industrial and agricultural tires ,ATV tires or some common car tyres, but many people are not familiar with these marks, so they also cannot understand the tire replacement time, then how to check the wear mark?

  1 tyre wear mark is usually at the bottom of the tread grooves, generally setting the height of 1.6 mm.

  2 if the tire pattern has been worn and teared to the height of the tag which means the tires need to be replaced.

  3 In general, the tyre using life is about 4 -5 years, the wear condition is estimated by tire groove (< 1.6 mm)

  4. The tires are made from rubber, even tires are not used , rubber aging will appear. a few small cracks will appear on the tire surface.

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