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What are the best ways to reduce the wear of industrial&agricultural&ATV tire?

2019·10·31tire manufactuer

  For every owner, it is hoped that their vehicle can be less injured as much as possible, and the tire is naturally less wear and tear as much as possible, especially for industrial and agricultural and ATV tire.So what can be done to reduce tire wear?

  1. When the vehicle starts, do not accelerate too fast, to avoid the wear and tear caused by excessive drag of tires and the ground.

  2. When the vehicle is ready to stop on the road, it is necessary to develop the habit of normal sliding.

  3. When the vehicle goes downhill, according to the size and length of the slope as well as the condition of the road, the speed of the vehicle should be reasonable to reduce the occurrence of wear and tear.

  4. When turning, the vehicle should pay attention to road conditions and slow down appropriately to avoid the wear of unilateral tires.

  5.When the vehicle driving on the uneven road, to slow down, as far as possible to find a more level road driving.

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