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Signal of industrial & agricultural & ATV tires replacement

2019·09·12tire manufactuer

  It is known to all, being long time used, the industrial & agricultural & ATV tires need to be replaced because of friction or some other accidents. When is it replaced generally?

  1. Tire bulge phenomenon on industrial & agricultural & ATV tires is generally not very conspicuous, but if we do not change it, the bulge will gradually expand, and even cause dangerous tire burst.

  2.Tire surface crack tire service life depends on the size of its load, after being used for a long time of use, the tire will get the surface crack phenomenon. The tire needs to be replaced when such a phenomenon occurs.

  3.In the course of daily driving, some glass or nails will inevitably scratch the tire. Once the tire side is scratched, it will increase the risk of puncture.

  4.Rim deformed.

  5. The tire was repaired repeatedly.

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