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How long can be used for forklift tires.

2020·01·09forklift tires

  Forklift tires is a very important part of forklift. The normal use of forklift tires is also related to the use of forklifts. In general, the service life of forklift tires is about 4 or 5 years, because the rubber of the forklift tires will deteriorate due to the age. When it is used for five years, even if the tires are less worn, they need to be replaced. .

  The length of the service life of forklift tires is related with quality of the forklift tires, the driving environment and the using habit of the vehicle. Generally speaking, when the forklift tires begin to age, they all start from the sidewall or shoulder. Generally, relatively small cracks will appear in these places. Over time, these aging phenomena will also cause the forklift tires to be unusable, so users need to observe the change of the forklift tires in advance to avoid causing damage. To avoid an accident happened.

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