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What to do when industrial, agricultural and ATV tires moldy?

2019·06·20tire manufactuer

  Moldy is a phenomenon that people often see in daily life. This phenomenon also exists in industrial, agricultural and ATV tires. Don't underestimate the mildew in the tires, because it will cause cracks, hardening, discoloration, softening, etc., which in general will affect the life of the tire and endangering people's lives. Therefore, when industrial, agricultural and ATV tires have such a situation, they must be removed.

  1. Use AEM5700B to wipe the mildew spots in the tires and clean the mildew part.

  2. In the environment where industrial, agricultural and ATV tires are placed, 2% of 5700L of anti-mold antibacterial agent can be added to the water while mopping the floor to remove dust and microorganisms from the air.

  3. In order to prevent the mildew recurrence, you can wipe the equipped 5700L where the tires have mildew spots.

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