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When industrial,agricultural tires and ATV tires have these conditions, they cannot be used

2019·10·24tire manufactuer

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires are now widely used tires, especially that are often used on roads where the road is not very flat. This type of tires are often used. But the tire works on uneven roads for a long time will also accelerate the aging and even cause the tire tire blowout. If the industrial ,agricultural tires and ATV tires have the following conditions, they need to be replaced in time.

  In industrial,agricultural tires and ATV tires, there will be some warning lines. If the water guide and warning line of the tire are flat, it is necessary to replace the tires in time, because when such a phenomenon occurs, it represents the wear of the tires. The degree is already very serious.

  When there are some cracks on the side of the industrial and agricultural tires and the ATV tires, even if it is a very small and very small crack, it needs to be dealt with in time, because even small cracks may cause the tire to leak. This will cause hidden dangers when the vehicle is on the road.

  When industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires appear to have a bulging phenomenon, it means that it is easy to puncture, so once the phenomenon of bulging appears, it needs immediate and timely treatment.

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