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Basic Application of these Three Tyres


  The use of three types of tyres is not the choice of a car driving on the asphalt road, but the choice of a truck or a mountain bike driving on the mountain and muddy land. In many times, industrial and agricultural tires and ATV will suffer more impact, and the performance of them will be more strong compared with that of car tires.

  For industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, their use requirements in terms of speed driving are not as high as car tires. Due to the harsh use conditions, they need to be driven in the field paths with poor road conditions or in the gravel mountain roads for a long time. And poor driving conditions require them to have larger pattern design and larger tire thickness. The overall look is bulky, but more secure.

  As for the use of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, in order to avoid damage and ensure long aging , they need to have better resistance to flexure and cracking and aging resistance.

  For the basic application of three types of tyres, we mainly take into account the controllable and effective basic performance. Only in this case, their application effect will be better and will play a more reliable safety guarantee!

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