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Spring maintenance matters for industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires

2019·07·04tire manufactuer

  Temperature is different for each season, the temperature difference has different influence for industrial and agricultural tires .so in different season, are according to different requirements,we do different maintenance for the industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires.

  When entering the spring, all things recovery, the temperature has been rising, but the maintenance of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV is also cannot be lax.

  Since spring is the end of the winter, and in the winter, tires are influenced by heat bilges and cold shrink, so some tire pressure drops, so when come into the spring, timely adjust tire pressure of the tire to the corresponding standard, otherwise, because of the insufficiency of the tire pressure, leads to the increase of the automobile oil, also accelerate tire wear , also has a risk for driving.

  When supplement the tire pressure, need to be careful. can't make the tire pressure too high, otherwise may also affect the tire grip, impact for auto control and brake. For the adjustment on the tire pressure, you can use the accessory configuration of the pump, to inflatable, at the same time ,to also reduce pressure, making the tire pressure normal, reduce fuel consumption, so that makes the service life of tires more extension.

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