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How to store industrial tires, agricultural tires and ATV tires

2019·04·30tire manufactuer

  For most people, if the tires aren’t be used , then place directly,that is ok, but in reality , if there is no proper preservation, tire life will be greatly damaged. So the safekeeping of the tire is also a very important aspect.

  1, Environment

  For the custody of the tire, first , there are some certain requirements about environment, such as place tires in the dry warehouse and don't be ventilation; In addition, don't put some chemicals,oils and flammable items around tires.


  Tires need to be placed vertically on the shelves, but also need to often changed the placement of the tire protection, avoid tire deformation.

  3. Inflatation requirements

  Even tires are not in use, tires are also need to be inflated.

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