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What is the effect of changing the bigger tire size


  Tire is very important for automobile. It is not only to ensure that the automobile can run, but also to ensure the safety of people. Generally speaking, the bigger the tire size is, the stronger the grip will be, so the safety performance will be better. So when people change the tire, they will choose to change the bigger tire size, but is the bigger the tire the better? What is the impact of changing bigger size tire?

  Although big size tires have advantages, it does not mean that they can be replaced. Although big size tires can improve performance, it is not only the tires that determine vehicle performance.

  If blind replacement of big size tires, it will rub against the fender because of size problems, which will cause steering problems of tires and easily lead to danger. Even if the fender is not touched, the setting of vehicle suspension will be caused by too big size. Vehicle suspension will make the tire lose balance, which will cause safety problems.

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