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Why is the spare tire smaller now


  The tire is a very important Spare parts in a car. Once the tire is damaged, the spare tire can be replaced in time.

  I believe that the car owners who know more about the spare tire will find a problem. Now the size of the spare tire in the car is getting smaller and smaller. Why is the size of the spare tire getting smaller and smaller now?

  Making the spare tire smaller can save costs first, which is of great benefit to the automobile manufacturers. But if it is beneficial to the automobile manufacturers, is it not beneficial to the owners?

  The smaller spare tire, the less bad for the car owner. Once the spare tire is damaged and needs to be replaced, the spare tire will become smaller, which will reduce the fuel consumption, which is also good for every car owner. In addition to this, when the car is replaced with a small spare tire, it can also remind the owners around to pay attention, know that the car has problems, and try to avoid the danger.

  It can also be learned from these aspects that the spare tire become smaller is not random choice at all.

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