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What do the numbers on the industrial, agricultural tires and the ATV mean?

2019·07·11tire manufactuer

  In industrial, agricultural tires and ATV tires, or some other ordinary tires, there will be a string of characters on the side of the tire, and there will be four numbers at the end of the character. For example, a number such as 0807 appears. For this series of numbers, People will be wondering what is the meaning behind these figures?

  In fact, these numbers mean the date the tire was produced. According to the regulations, the tires can not be used for more than three years from the date of production. If you use the car, you can't exceed eight years. How to confirm the production time can be found on the side of the tire.

  The date of manufacture of the tire is generally printed on the side of the tire. Positioned closed to the rim, four numbers are used to represent the date of manufacture. For example, 0807, the first two numbers represent the week of tire production, and the last two digits. Represents the year of tire production, such as the above figure, which means the eighth week, Year 2007; According to the common facts of four months a month, it can be inferred that this tire was produced in February of 2007.

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