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Signs of puncture for Industrial and agricultural and ATV tires

2019·11·07ATV tires

  The puncture of a vehicle is a terrible thing for everyone,. People certainly hope to avoid this phenomenon, but the wear and tear of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires is inevitable, then before the tires burst,what are the symptoms?

  1. The surface of the tire is thinned

  In industrial, agricultural and ATV tires standards, the thickness is greater than 1.6 mm. Once below this standard, you are ready to replace your tires.

  2. The wear indicator line of the tire pattern is exposed

  There will be wear indicator lines on each tire. Once the wear indicator line is blurred, it means the tire needs to be replaced, otherwise there will be a possibility of a puncture.

  3. Excessive vibration and jitter of the vehicle

  If you say that the car owners are driving too much vibration and jitter, you need to pay attention, because in this case there will be a possibility of puncture, so be careful.

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