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Why do you recommend replacing a pair of tires


  We all know that the tires will be different degrees of wear after they have been used for a long time, there will be different degrees of wear, once the wear is serious, it needs to be replaced; I believe that many car owners who replace the tires will find that when they need to replace the tires, the repair shop will require two tires to be replaced once, and what's the reason?

  There are different pattern types for tires, such as the longitudinal and transverse mixed patterns. Because of these different patterns, the role of the tires is not the same, which will be shown in the performance of the car. Therefore, when replacing the tires, it is generally necessary to keep the wear degree of the left and right tires consistent. If only one tire is replaced, the friction on the ground is different, which will also have a certain impact on the braking of the car, so when changing the tire, it is recommended to change a pair of tires.

  In theory, a pair of tires should be replaced, but because some car tires wear differently, one is broken, and the other can be used, so if they are replaced, it will be a pity. In this case, it is OK to replace one, but it should be noted that the replaced tire should be consistent with the brand pattern of the other tire, and the degree of wear is not a big difference.

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