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The misunderstanding about how to choose industrial tires, agricultural tires and ATV tires

2019·09·05tire manufactuer

  As car using rises, the use of the tires are also gradually increasing , even if tire quantity such as industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tire is increasing, but the tire choosing is still a very big problem, when buy tires, it would be easy to go wrong, So what’s wrong choose for buying industrial and agricultural tires?

  1.Bigger width, better tire

  Many owners think the width of the tyre is wider, it can increase the stability of the body, even if the fuel will increase, but they also can accept. ;But a lot of people may ignore that if tire is too wide which will affect the suspension system, what’s more, in turn, there is damage for inside leaf plate

  2.Bigger size, better tire

  Except width, tire size is also very important.

  They think the diameter is wider, tire is better, but in fact, tire diameter should keep same with factory size, the difference should be within 3%.

  3.Flatter tire, better tire.

  Some tire owners like flatter tires, these tires make the car look with a sporty. But this will decrease the comfortable feeling of the car.

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