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The effect of increase for Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires

2019·06·06tire manufactuer

  In the case of normal, changing the vehicle tires, industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires or other types of tires, needs to be consistent with before tire size, or control within a range. The scope is the error between the diameter of the old and new tyres must be staying within the plus or minus 3% or so. Only in such a situation, can belong to the normal tire replacement.

  If it is increasing in industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires, there will be a big impact to a vehicle. First of all, the oil will consume very quickly, at the same time operating performance of the vehicle will also decline and braking distance will be longer. if is you are in turn,itwill touch the brush to the bracket of the suspension system and make some abnormal sound, it also can cause the abnormal wear of the tire.

  If say, a tire is 195/55R15, changed dimension to 195/60r15, the old and new tire diameter error that measures them is in 3.36%, do not accord with 3%, so it can be concluded the error value of tire is too big, you cannot change such tire.

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