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When the industrial, agricultural and ATV tires appeared noise, it is likely because...

2019·06·27tire manufactuer

  Industrial, agricultural and ATV tires are a very special type of tires. This type also gives them a big advantage and can be used in many types of vehicles.

  Whether it is industrial, agricultural and ATV tires or some other ordinary tires, after a long period of use, there will be more or less problems, and once this problem occurs, it is necessary to check in time. Prevent other accidents from happening again.

  In industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, during the driving process, sometimes there are some unusual sounds. For example, whenever the tires turn around, there will be a kind of " clatter" sounds. With the increase in the speed of the vehicle, this sound is constantly improving. When this happens, it is generally because the stone is stuck in the tire, or something like a nail has caught the tire.

  If the stone appears on the tire, you need to pick up the stone in time. If it is a nail, then you need to pay attention to whether the tire pressure in the tire can still be adhered to. If the tire pressure is sufficient and close to the maintenance point, you can also drive directly to the auto repair shop, but if it is far away and the tire pressure is not enough, you still need a trailer team to drag the vehicle to the repair point.

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