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Common cause of industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV tires punctures

2019·11·07atv tire

  We often hear on the news about some industrial and agricultural tire and ATV tire accidents;There are many different reasons why a tire can burst, and the more common reasons are usually in the following.

  1. Hot weather

  Whenever high temperature weather occurs, the tires of the vehicle will be prone to the phenomenon of tire blowout, which is mainly because the temperature of the road surface is too high, tire and road friction will increase the temperature of the tire surface, so there will be blowout phenomenon.

  2. Speeding

  Overspeed is also the main cause of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tire burst.Driving at high speeds also increases the friction between tires and the ground, causing the temperature to rise.

  3. Abnormal tire pressure

  Whether the tire pressure is too high or too low, there will be the possibility of a flat tire.

  4. Tire damage

  When the tire in the use of a long time, will appear a variety of different degrees of wear, and wear more and more, will naturally enhance the possibility of tire blowout.

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