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Industrial & agricultural & ATV tires replacement time in four aspects

2019·09·05tire manufactuer

  Industrial & agricultural & ATV tires guiding slot

  There are some three-channel or four-channel grooves in industrial & agricultural & ATV tires, and the longitudinal three-channel or four-channel grooves on the surface of the tire are called guiding slots which are mainly to drain water.

  When it’s raining, there will be a thin water film between the cars which are running on the road with high speed and the road surface,which strengthens the contact between the industrial & agricultural & ATV tires and the road surface, so it is set with a number of guiding slots on the longitudinal direction of the tire to achieve better drainage.

  Guiding slots are mainly used for drainage. If there is no guiding slot, there will be a layer of water film between the surface of the tire and the road surface, which affects the friction. The lug pattern of the guiding slot is mainly to help to cut off the water film.

  In industrial & agricultural & ATV tires, the common guiding slot is usually set with three or four channels, and this distinction design is mainly based on the width of the tire and the width of the groove. If some tires are relatively narrow, generally there will be three channels; and if the width of the tire is wide, there will be four. There must be some five-channel tires, but it is generally shown on extremely wide tires.

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