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Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires’ normal tire pressure

2019·05·23tire manufactuer

  If we say the standard tire pressure of tyres, then there is no rigid regulation for vehicles. To determine the normal tire pressure of these tyres, we need different judgments and normal measurements before we can finally confirm it.

  For different vehicles, the standard air pressure can be found in the vehicle user manual, the label of the cab door, the cab drawer and the door of the fuel tank cover.

  If the tyre pressure is determined directly, in fact, according to the recommended value of the car factory, the weight of the car body and the height of the chassis should be taken into account when setting the tyre pressure. These are the factors that can determine the tyre pressure, not a brand. This method is also applicable to industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV tyres.

  If there are no regulations in the car factory, it should be noted that there is no need to adjust in winter and summer. When measuring tire pressure, it is better to confirm in the normal temperature. But if the temperature drops, you still need to check the tires and clean the tread.

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