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The six factors of breaking tire


  Tires are important automotive spare parts, are one of the important parts, but the conditions that tires cann’t be used will happen, and what’s the reason?

  1. Tire wear and tear, mainly because use for a long time, need to replace the tire, these wear and tear typically belong to normal condition.

  2. Although the tyres will be inevitably damaged after using for a long time,, but if it is always used on the bad which will accelerate the tire damaged, affect the service life of tires .

  3. The incorrect driving can reduce the service life of tires. Such as brakes, rapid start, etc., these will accelerate the damage of the tire.

  4. If you want to use the tires for long time, you need make regular maintenance, do not check the tire pressure frequently which also can cause the damage of the tire.

  5. when parking the cars, please park at flat place, but some people stop car casually which will make tire injured.

  6. When the car's chassis is abnormal,that can cause effects on the tyres.

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