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How to judge the damage of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires’ wheel axles

2019·11·21atv tires

  When the wheel axles that are closely connected with the industrial and industrial, agricultural and ATV tires will also have the possibility of damage, once the wheel axle is damaged, there will be serious situations, so we need to know the wheel axles and love you in time. Symptoms that can occur when damaged so that the degree of wheel axle damage can be determined.

  When the wheel axle is damaged, there will usually be some abnormal sounds; at this time, the window can be opened to see if the sound of the body is from outside the car. If it is judged that the sound comes from outside the car, you can increase the speed. When the sound becomes louder, adjust the gear to neutral, let the vehicle slide, and listen to whether the noise of the vehicle comes from the engine. If the neutral is taxiing, the sound is nothing changes, it means that the wheel axle has appeared. When it is judged that the wheel axle is damaged, the vehicle can be stopped to check whether the temperature of the axle is normal. If the difference is not large, you can drive to the service station for inspection at a slow speed.

  The wheel axle has a great connection with the industrial, agricultural and ATV tires. The tires and the wheel axles are also interdependent. Only when both parts are in a normal situation can the vehicle be driven normally and no dangerous things happen.

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