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Tips for maintaining industry, agriculture and ATV tires

2021·09·16industry, agriculture and ATV tires

  For the use of a car, industry, agriculture and ATV tires occupy a very important position. If there is a problem with industry, agriculture and ATV tires, then the vehicle will have a problem. In this case, how can we do it? Can industrial, agricultural and ATV tires be used for a long time? So daily maintenance is very important!

  According to surveys and monitoring, industrial, agricultural and ATV tires will lose 0.7 kg/cm² of air pressure every month on average, and tire air pressure will change with temperature changes. When the temperature rises/drops by 10°C, the air pressure also rises/drops 0.07— 0.14 kg/cm². Barometric pressure measurement and supplementation are very important. Before driving on the highway, make sure that the air pressure is correct; usually when driving on the highway, the tire pressure should be increased by 10%. Insufficient air pressure in industrial, agricultural and ATV tires can cause tires to overheat. Low pressure causes uneven ground contact area of tires, delamination of the tread or ply, cracks in tread grooves and shoulders, broken cords, rapid wear of the shoulders, and shortens the service life of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires. If the air pressure is too high, the weight of the car body will be concentrated on the center of the tread, causing the center of the tread to wear quickly.

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