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The Market Development Trend of Industrial Tyres

2023·11·10industrial tyres

The market development trends of industrial tyres are mainly:

1、Security and Environmental Protection.Industrial tyres have become one of the major trends in the development of engineering machinery tyres, compared with normal bias tyres, industrial tyres have the characteristics of fuel saving, shock absorption, reducing soil compaction, improving the traction force of the main engine and long service life.

2、Globalization. Due to the US and other trade protectionism on China's tyre products, new tyre production capacity is transferred to Southeast Asia, in recent years, the region's tyre production capacity has increased, and is still growing.

3、 Service-oriented. With the growth of demand for engineering machinery, the global industrial tyre industry has sustained growth momentum, the technological content of products continues to improve, and new products emerge in an endless stream.

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