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The Difference Between Industrial Tyres and Civilian Tyres

2024·02·23industrial tyre

Industrial tyres and civilian tyres have obvious differences in design and application.

1.Industrial tyres: also known as off-highway tyres, its design and manufacturing are mainly focused on off-highway use. They usually have higher load carrying capacity and are resistant to wear and puncture. In terms of structure, engineering tyres are generally bias tyre process, all-steel skeleton structure, which is different from the semi-steel and meridian structure of ordinary passenger cars. In terms of air pressure, the air pressure of engineering tyres can be higher, and the air pressure may be different according to the working scene and the tyre structure.

2.Civilian tyres: mainly used in highway driving, its design and manufacturing pay more attention to comfort and smoothness. They typically have lower rolling resistance and less noise to provide a better driving experience.

In general, there are significant differences between industrial tyres and civilian tyres in terms of application, design, structure and performance.

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