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Types of Tread and Performance of Industrial Solid Tires

2024·01·05industrial tyre

The types of tread patterns and properties of industrial solid tires are listed below:

1,Straight groove pattern: This pattern has excellent maneuverability and stability, small rotation resistance, low noise, especially good drainage performance, not easy to lateral slip. The reason why it is called common pattern is relative to the cross-country pattern and mud snow pattern. In fact, in general, there are many types of common tread, because each large tire manufacturers, have their own laboratories and test track, where countless engineers and technicians to study the pattern. However, in the research process, the benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom, some patterns focus on serenity and comfort, some patterns focus on waterproof and anti-skid, some patterns focus on grip, while some patterns focus on fluctuation of resistance is small, saving fuel.

2,Stripe pattern: the pattern is connected together in a circle. Characteristics: low rolling resistance; excellent ride comfort; anti-skid, excellent steering stability; low voice; applicable: high speed on paved roads.

3,Transverse pattern: pattern cut horizontally. Characteristics: Excellent driving and braking power. Strong traction. Suitable for: ordinary and unpaved roads.

4,Mixed Pattern: Combination of transverse and longitudinal patterns. Characteristics: Longitudinal pattern provides steering stability and helps to prevent skidding; transverse pattern improves driving force, braking force and traction. Applicable: Normal and unpaved roads.

5,Noguchi Pattern: A pattern consisting of separate blocks. Characteristics: Excellent driving and braking power; good steering stability in snow and mud. Suitable for: ordinary and unpaved roads.

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