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Understand all kinds of information on industrial tires and agricultural tires and ATV tires

2021·11·25industrial tires and agricultural tires and ATV tires

  A lot of information is marked on sidewall of tires.But few people can fully understand the meaning. What’s mean with these information?

  Tire specifications: the geometric parameters of the tire specifications and the physical properties of the marking data. A set of numbers used in tire specifications. The first number indicates the width of the tire section, and the second number indicates the diameter of the rim, expressed in inches. The letters or symbols in the middle have special meanings: "x" means high-pressure tires, "R" means radial tires, and "Z" means low-pressure tires.

  Ply: ply means cords number in tire rubber layer. It is one of important indexes from tire’s strength. Likes 14P means 14PLY.

  Material of cord: Usually, tire’s construction is from Nylon. Nylon is marked on sidewall.

  Rim: tire’s bead shall be used matching rim. Likes 5.50F;

  Wear limit mark: one side with rubber tires, the tire wear limit mark block, once the tire wear reaches this mark, it should be replaced in time.

  Production number: use a set of numbers, the date and quantity of tire manufacturing. For example, "98N08B5820" means that the first production tire of group B was 5820 in August 1998.

  Trademark: A trademark is a tire manufacturer's mark, including trademark text and graphics, which are generally prominent and eye-catching and easy to recognize.

  Other marks: the production license number and other auxiliary marks.

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