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Cautions of industrial tires and agricultural tires and ATV tires

2021·11·25industrial tires and agricultural tires and ATV tires

  In the daily use of industrial tires, agricultural tires and ATV tires.Many problems need be noticed. Correct use of tires will be ensured safe to users. Which things shall be noticed on use?

  1. Tire wear: Tire pattern wear will make the tire lose its grip, affect the handling, puncture, and lose the sewage and drainage function.

  2. Tire pressure: Unstable tyre pressure causes punctures;

  3. Clean debris in the tire pattern: Car owners should remove foreign matters in the tire in time to prevent foreign matters from piercing the carcass.

  4. Tire rotation: Change the position of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires every 10,000 kilometers to make tire fatigue uniform, prevent partial wear, and extend tire life.

  5. Tire dynamic balance: When the vehicle body shakes or the steering wheel shakes during driving, please check at the authorized store.

  6. Pay attention to driving habits: Car owners should pay attention to driving to avoid fast starting, emergency braking or sharp turns; avoid hitting the road calculus.

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