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Standards and Characteristics of Industrial Tires

2024·04·26industrial tire

The standards and characteristics of industrial tires are as follows:


Industrial tires are required to comply with a series of national standards, including tire marking, anti-counterfeiting marking, tire load index, speed class, tire tread and tire brand. These standards are designed to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of tires.

Special specifications are also required for specific types of tires, such as reinforced truck tires. In addition, the tire's section width and flatness also need to comply with the standard regulations to ensure the applicability and stability of the tire.


Industrial tires typically have excellent load-carrying capacity and abrasion resistance for industrial vehicles operating under high loads and in harsh environments.

They usually have high constant elongation stress, hardness and abrasion resistance to ensure good performance even under prolonged and intense working conditions.

Some industrial tires also incorporate special designs and materials to improve their anti-skid, puncture and weathering properties, thus ensuring reliable support and protection in a wide range of operating conditions.

In summary, industrial tires need to follow a series of strict standards in their design and production to ensure that they have excellent performance and safety. At the same time, they have some special characteristics to adapt to the specific needs and working conditions of industrial vehicles.

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