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The Significance of Industrial Tire Enterprises to Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation

2023·09·01industrial tire

In the past few years, industrial tire enterprises have developed rapidly, forming a variety of specifications series of products complete industrial system. But the industrial tire enterprises are large but not strong, the product homogenization competition between enterprises is very serious, the product quality is not stable, mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market, less high-end products, especially the production efficiency of industrial tire enterprises and foreign large enterprises have a large gap. Especially at present, the domestic steel and coal and other industries to reduce overcapacity, product market growth is weak, tire "double anti" frequently become the new normal, demographic dividend gradually disappeared, labor costs rise sharply, labor management difficulties and other problems, has become the real pressure that industrial tire enterprises have to face.

Under the situation of low growth of domestic and foreign manufacturing industry, industrial tire enterprises are facing transformation and upgrading. Therefore, no matter from the national and industry strategic development level, or from the tire industry itself survival and development level, is an urgent need for intelligent upgrading, vigorously research and development production of high technology content, high added value, high quality industrial tire products, improve the production efficiency, increase the enterprise efficiency, improve the core competitiveness, intelligent manufacturing mode is imperative.

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