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Advantages of Shandong Industrial Tire Industry

2023·08·18industrial tire

Industrial tire industry is a traditional advantage industry in Shandong Province, which occupies a pivotal position in the whole country. Now, it is also a mature production line process.

Shandong industrial tire industry agglomeration also drives the development of rubber, wheel hub, tire mold, steel curtain and other raw materials. In addition, the three major advantages of the development of the industrial tire industry are as follows:

1. Import and export advantage. Shandong is the largest import and export trade area in northern China, Shandong Qingdao tire export port, gathered a large number of tire-related trade enterprises.

2. Time starts early. It has a strong industrial foundation, the introduction of relevant advanced technology to learn early, strong learning and innovation ability, strong scientific research strength, obvious technical advantages, and high level of education.

3. human cost. Labor-intensive enterprises, high-quality talents are concentrated, industrial tire experts and technical personnel backing reserves, manufacturing workers have rich work experience, exquisite technology.

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