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What are the Rare Materials in Industrial and Agricultural Tires and ATVs?

2022·05·27industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs are the types of tires used in many large trucks. Compared with car tires, industrial and agricultural tires, ATV and car tires will be very different in terms of specifications and patterns. . The roads where industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs often travel are mostly uneven and muddy roads, and potholes are also common. The control is even more strict.

  Among tires, there are many different types that are divided according to the field of use. At the same time, due to different production materials, there will also be certain quality differences. For example, the rubber composite material known as "rare earth gold". Agricultural tires and ATVs have greatly improved in quality.

  The material of "rare earth gold" is mainly made of special rare earth neodymium cis-butadiene rubber + natural rubber + high-performance carbon black, etc., and is made by a special mixing process. The tire of this material has the distinctive features of super fuel saving and super wear resistance, and the rolling resistance coefficient can reach 3.8-4.5. According to comparable data and expert analysis, if a large trailer travels 1 million kilometers and uses "rare earth gold" tires with a rolling resistance coefficient of 4.5, it can save 63,000 liters of fuel.

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