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What are the Materials Used to Produce Industrial and Agricultural Tires and ATVs?

2022·05·19industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs play a key role in the normal driving of vehicles and are an important part of ensuring people's safety. Therefore, it is also important to control the quality of industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs.

  In the production process of industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs, the selection of materials is the key, and every level should be controlled from the source. Under such standards, the quality of the industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs produced will be more guaranteed.

  For the material selection of industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs, the main material is rubber, and there is generally a difference between natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The comprehensive properties of natural rubber are superior to those of synthetic rubber, so some higher-grade tires use natural rubber. In order for the rubber to have the properties required for the manufacture of tires, various chemical materials, ie chemical additives, need to be infiltrated into the rubber. One of the most important additives added is carbon black, because carbon has special adsorption properties, and the bonding between carbon particles and rubber molecules is very good, which makes the rubber enhance the hardness, strength and wear resistance. Since carbon black and rubber are basically the same amount, the main material of the automobile tire is actually a composite material of rubber and carbon black.

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