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What are the Parts of the Structure of Industrial and Agricultural Tires and ATVs?

2022·05·18industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs are a type of tires that are suitable for all kinds of large vehicles. They are usually used in some large trucks that often travel long distances. For industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs, its structure is no different from ordinary tires. It is mainly composed of three parts: outer tire, inner tube and tire pad. The structure has also gradually begun to develop in the direction of tubeless, radial structure, flat and lightweight.

  For industrial and agricultural tires and tires in ATV, it is mainly composed of tread, sidewall, buffer layer (or belt layer), ply and bead to withstand various forces.

  The sidewall is the layer of rubber on the outer layer of the tire's side ply that protects the carcass. The ply is a fabric layer composed of juxtaposed rubber cords in the carcass, and is the stress skeleton layer of the tire to ensure the tire has the necessary strength and dimensional stability.

  The buffer layer (or belt layer) is the rubber layer or rubber layer between the tread and the carcass of the bias tire, which is used to buffer external impact force, protect the carcass, and improve the adhesion between the tread and the carcass.

  The bead is the part of the tire mounted on the rim, which is composed of a bead core and a chafer to fix the tire.

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