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What Problems Usually Occur In Industrial And Agricultural Tires And ATV?

2022·01·14industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs will inevitably have some problems during use. These problems will make industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs need to be repaired or directly scrapped. So in general, what problems will occur in industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs?

  1. Delamination (tread, sidewall, bead): separation between layers.

  Reason: There is no compaction between the various parts during molding, oil or foreign matter on the surface of the semi-finished parts, overloading or overspeed (tire setting speed) driving, low air pressure driving.

  2. Concavity: There are related parts of the tread or the side that have dented or collapsed.

  Reason: The lap width of the carcass window cloth is greater than the standard (warp direction depression), the end of the turn-up cloth is folded (circumference direction depression), and the circumferential direction is irregular in the part where the circumferential depression occurs. It can be judged as poor production.

  3. Fracture (tear).

  ①The spigot is broken:

  Reason: The fracture of the spigot is a typical quality problem, which is mostly related to the material of the steel wire, the quality of the glue, and the construction process.

  ②The sidewall or tread is cracked somewhere:

  Reasons: unreasonable distribution of tire materials; excessive spraying of blank tires; low pressure rolling.

  ③The joint of the tread and sidewall is broken.

  Reason: There is foreign body in the joint; the overlapping position or method is incorrect during molding; the joint is not compacted, etc.

  ④Tearing: It is easily torn or cut under normal air pressure or when it is scratched by a foreign object. Or there may be irregular tears.

  Reason: Material, processing technology and other reasons.

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