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Industrial And Agricultural Tires And ATV Production Inspections Are Very Important!

2022·01·13industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs are important components of automobiles. They are important components that are responsible for integrating the gravity of the vehicle, transmitting traction, braking force, steering force, and bearing the reaction force of the road. The quality of industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs directly involves the human body. Property safety, so it is especially important for the production and processing inspection of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV!

  Full-standard tires A full-standard tire is a tire whose tires produced by a tire manufacturer will be tested by the company's quality inspection department against the corresponding national standards or corporate standards, and all indicators meet the requirements of the standard. On the sidewall of the tire, the imprints of the factory name, trademark, specifications, standard rims, production license number, production number and related quality marks are clear and complete, without smearing or knife scratching. The quality of tires with smeared or knife-marked is not guaranteed.

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