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Do not pass the kerb when using industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

2021·10·14industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

  For the use of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, if you want to ensure a long time, you should pay attention to some problems in the process of daily driving vehicles, such as the problems that some car owners are often prone to make, hit the kerb.

  Some car owners will crush the road teeth due to their driving skills, while some car owners do not pay too much attention. Whether this behavior is intentional or unintentional, it will have a certain impact on industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, and these effects are very bad. Nowadays, the height of many kerb is at least 12cm, and some even reach 20cm, which is equivalent to one-third of the tire diameter. But there are still many car owners who ignore these kerb and drive up regardless of the height. In fact, as long as the speed of the vehicle is slightly higher, the tire will be damaged after pressing on the kerb, burying the hidden danger of tire burst.

  Car tires are not tank tracks. A move on the road may lead to early retirement of tires. Take the tire with 60 flat ratio as an example. If the kerb is 15 cm high, the included angle between the side of the vehicle tire and the kerb is less than 45 degrees, and the vehicle speed is greater than 30km / h, in this case, drive the vehicle onto the kerb, and the tire must break at least 3 to 4 cord threads.

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