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What to do if industrial and agricultural tires and ATV wear

2021·05·27industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

  1. Inside wear: Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV inside wear, and the outer edge is burr-like. It is common to see that the suspension system of some old cars is poor, causing the entire body to sink deeply. This indicates that the tire deformation and the symmetry of the two tires have been affected. If possible, it is best to replace all the components such as the shock absorber and the spherical coupling. But if the cost is too high, you can consider asking a professional repairman to adjust the angle of the front axle and the tires.

  2. Outer edge wear: If you observe along the direction of travel, there is greater wear on the outer edges of industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs, indicating that the tires are often under-inflated, that is, insufficient pressure. If possible, inflate according to the "highway" standard, that is, add 30,000 Pa more than the normal standard. It should be noted that under-inflated tires are not conducive to driving in rainy weather, and the grip will be significantly reduced.

  3. Convex and corrugated wear: If it is found that the two sides of the tire landing part are convex and worn, and the periphery of the tire is also corrugated, it means that the shock absorbers, bearings and spherical couplings of the car are seriously worn. It is recommended that you check the wear of the suspension system and replace the worn parts before replacing the tires. Otherwise, even changing the tires will not help.

  4. Wear of the central part: If severe wear is found in the central area of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV landing parts, this indicates that the tires are often over-inflated. Be sure to check the accuracy of the pressure gauge and adjust the pressure. It should be noted that the tires need to be over-inflated only when driving at high speeds or with heavy loads.

  5. Uniform surface wear: Once the pattern of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV have been worn out, it indicates that the life of the tire is exhausted and must be replaced. In addition, the pattern also has the effect of removing water from the road area, so it is an important part of maintaining the car's grip. If the wear has reached the standard depth of the tire tread, it must be replaced.

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