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Complex and changeable patterns of industrial and agricultural tire and ATV tires

2021·07·29industrial and agricultural tire and ATV tires

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires are diverse, suitable for a variety of different vehicles to use, and in so many kinds, what are the differences of patterns?

  In the industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires, the main patterns are longitudinal, horizontal and mixed the three basic types of patterns. There are great differences among the three patterns, with different advantages, but also with corresponding disadvantages. For example, the longitudinal pattern has strong drainage and is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the tire, but the ability to grasp the ground is insufficient; The transverse pattern has a strong ability to grasp the ground, but poor drainage and guiding ability. Compared with the two different patterns mentioned above, mixed patterns have the advantages of both longitudinal and transverse patterns. Therefore, the common patterns in the market now are mainly mixed patterns.

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