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Structure analysis of industrial and agricultural tire and ATV tire

2021·09·30industrial and agricultural tire and ATV tire

  A lot of car owners will pay attention to industrial and agricultural and ATV tire,they want to choose the tires with better quality and the tires are more suitable for their own needs, so the structure analysis of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV can not be ignored.

  The first thing is to understand the tire tread if people want to know the tire structure.It's where the tire makes contact with the ground, and the pattern determines traction, silence and drainage.

  Tire sidewall is the tire side part of the ply of rubber layer, used to protect the carcass, but also has flexibility.And it is the location of various marks.

  Steel belt is composed of two layers of steel wire layer superimposed, two layers of steel wire layer are into a certain angle, the role is to improve the rigidity of the tread, so that the tire can deal with the impact of uneven road surface. To prevent corrosion, there is a "cover" on the outside of the wire layer.

  The tire cord runs through the whole tire section to provide support for the tire.

  The airtight layer is located inside the tire and extends to the tire rim. It mainly acts as a seal.

  Tire bead can withstand the extension tension caused by internal pressure, but also to overcome the tire in turning the lateral force action, so that the outer tire does not come out of the hub.

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