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How to prevent industrial and agricultural tire and ATV tire burst

2020·09·24industrial and agricultural tire and ATV tire

  For industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, it is frightening that there may be a tire burst. So how to prevent and avoid such a thing?

  1. Tire temperature and pressure monitoring

  Tire pressure monitoring equipment can timely report the situation of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV to vehicle owners, which can prevent tire burst in advance.

  2. Automatic charging and discharging system

  This system also has the function of tire temperature and tire pressure monitoring. What's more, it can automatically adjust the tire pressure. When the tire pressure is insufficient, the equipment will use the on-board air reservoir to inflate the tire. When the tire pressure is too high, it will also automatically deflate to keep the tire pressure at the value set by the user.

  3. Tire burst emergency device

  In general, the tire burst emergency safety device is installed at the bottom groove of the wheel to effectively fill the wheel hub groove, so that the tire will not leave the rim and the wheel hub will not contact the ground when the tire burst and lack of air, so that the vehicle steering force and braking force are still controllable.

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