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What is the Casing Structure of Industrial and Agricultural and ATV Tires?

2022·07·29industrial and agricultural and ATV

  Industrial, agricultural and ATV tires are an important part of the normal driving of vehicles and an important structure to protect people's health. For industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, it consists of many parts, and the outer tire is a kind of high wear-resistant and elastic shell, which directly contacts the ground and protects the inner tube from damage.

  The tire structure of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires is mainly composed of tread, ply, buffer layer, and bead.

  1. Tread: The tread is the outer surface of the tire, including the crown, shoulder and sidewall.

  2. Ply: The ply is the skeleton of the outer tire, also known as the carcass. Its main function is to bear the load (car gravity, road impact force and internal air pressure) and maintain the size and shape of the outer edge of the tire.

  3. Buffer layer: The buffer layer is located between the tread and the ply, which is soft and elastic.

  4. Bead: The bead is the foundation of the ply. It is attached to the rim by the bead. The bead consists of a wire ring, a ply cover and a chafer.

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