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Learn About Speed Ratings for Industrial and ATV Tires!

2022·08·03industrial and ATV tires

  People who often deal with industrial, agricultural and ATV tires will see that there is a single letter in the specification column, such as U, V, so what is the meaning of this letter?

  The answer is, the speed rating.

  In industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, the setting of speed grade is an important standard affecting the safety value of tires and one of the key indicators of performance.

  At present, the speed class of tires in the world usually starts from A1 and ends at ZR. The standard of ZR is the fastest exceeding 240 km/h. However, in our country, since the speed limit of our expressway is 120 km/h, the tire speed level of the tire shop is usually between U and Y.

  High-speed tires often have reinforced shoulders and tread designs to help the tire absorb heat and prevent tire deformation at high speeds. At the same time, due to the enhanced tire tread design and shoulder design, the tires have better grip and handling, and their braking performance in wet and dry conditions is also better, which means that even if the road conditions are poor, the speed level is higher The tires have better safety performance because of their excellent technology.

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