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Discussion on the Use and Maintenance of Industrial Agricultural Tyres as well as ATV Tyres

2023·06·30industrial agricultural tyres

  Agricultural tires and Industrial tires and ATV tires are the parts of the vehicle directly in contact with the road. And in such long-term contact, these tire will be easy to wear; and considering that driving road conditions for these tyres are often not very good, so when driving under a variety of deformation, load, force and high and low temperature effect will be greater. Therefore, improving the use of skills to strengthen maintenance to improve the service life of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV is necessary.

  1. In the process of using industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, the temperature of these tires should be controlled, and the correct cooling method should be adopted in time to prevent damage.

  2, Avoid overload or excessive off-load. Off-load makes the front, rear axle or left, right wheel unequal load distribution which damages these tyres.

  3, When the vehicle is not used for a long time, the body should be supported, so that these tires are not stressed, and can not be deflated, so as to avoid tire deformation.

  In the process of daily driving or not driving, we should do a good job of the basic protection of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV. Only in this case, can we ensure that ATV and two other tyres will not suffer from the influence of more harmful factors, prolong their service life, and ensure safe driving!

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