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What should We Pay Attention to When Using Industrial Agricultural Tyres and ATV?

2023·03·16industrial agricultural tyres and ATV

  Industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV are one of the tyre types used in special vehicles. For many large vehicle owners, when purchasing industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV, they need to carry out a lot of investigation and inspection work to ensure they can be safely used.

  Industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV are often exposed to complex road conditions, so in some cases, they will lead to premature aging. In the daily use process, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and management of industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV; For example, in daily life, due to the small contact area of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV patterns, when driving on some soft roads, a part of the soil will be embedded in the pattern grooves. After passing the road, it is necessary to remove the part of the soil embedded in the pattern grooves, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of skidding and ensure safe driving, It is also the basic quality guarantee for industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV.

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