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How to Extend the Service Life of the Industrial Agricultural Tires and ATV?

2023·04·03industrial agricultural tires and ATV

  The quality of the industrial and agricultural tires and ATV is related to the safety of the vehicle. When agricultural and industrial tires and ATV are used for a long time, some problems will inevitably occur. And how to avoid these problems and extend the service life are extremely important for every vehicle owner.

  To extend the service life of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, all owners must pay attention to:

  1、Tire pressure standard. High tire pressure will reduce the contact area between the tires and the ground, and will shorten the braking distance , which increases the risk of driving to some extent; while low tire pressure will easily lead to sidewall deformation and increase fuel consumption, which has the greater loss of tires. Therefore, we need to keep the tire pressure within the standard range.

  2、Tire replacement. Due to the different roles of each axis, there are differences in the degree of wearing. In order to make sure the safety of driving and avoid excessive difference in tire wear, we need to replace the tire position regularly, so that the tire wear situation can be more evenly.

  3、Check before you drive. Before the drive, you can make a systematic inspection of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV.

  4、Develop good driving habits.

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