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What do you know about the Parameters of Industrial Agricultural Tires and ATV?

2023·03·30industrial agricultural tires and ATV

  Parameters are the main concern in the selection of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV. For example, different sizes of vehicles have different requirements for parameters. In general, the parameters of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV contain mainly: the tire width, the flatness ratio and the hub diameter. On the condition of the same tire formulation, the wider the tire, the larger the area of grounding, so the grip ability will be better. As for the flatness ratio, it is equal to the height of the cross-section divided by the width of the cross-section. Generally speaking, the flatter the tire, the better the handling, so the response of steering will be faster.

  The parameters of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV not only bring about changes in performance, but also have a great impact on the visual perception of the appearance. For example, the load factor represents the tire's loading capacity, different indicators correspond to different weights. When the indicators are certain, We can use the weight multiply by 4 to calculate the maximum allowable full load of the whole vehicle.

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