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What are the Differences Between Wide Narrow Industrial and Agricultural Tires ATV?

2023·01·09industrial and agricultural tires ATV

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV are different in width and are used in different vehicles. What are the general differences between industrial and agricultural tires and ATV with different widths?

  For industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, the weight of the whole car should be put on it; There is a lot of knowledge about the width of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV.

  Generally speaking, the safety factor of wide tires is better, mainly because the surface area of tires is relatively large. When driving on the road, they will directly contact the ground. The contact area is relatively large, which will greatly increase the friction; But also because of the increase of friction, the fuel consumption of the car will be relatively high.

  The performance of narrow tires is completely opposite to that of wide tires to a large extent, but as long as it can be kept within the normal driving range and speeding is not allowed, there is generally no problem. However, if the speed is too high, it is easy to shake.

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