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How to Solve Tread Failure Industrial and Agricultural Tires ATV?

2022·11·18industrial and agricultural tires ATV

  Industrial and agricultural tires,and atvs are parts of vehicles that come into contact with the ground, so they can wear out over time, especially if they have incorrect driving habits, or often in bad road conditions, it will aggravate this wear phenomenon, causing industrial and agricultural tires and ATV to end early use.

  In the industry and Agriculture Tire and ATV wear problems, the tread wear problem is very common, in generalthe tread failurehavefollowings:

  1, single-side wear, Commonly known as “partial wear.”. This problem is mainly due to the excessive camber or camber of the wheel, which is often caused by poor wheel positioning. In this case, it is necessary to correct mechanical defects and maintain standard air pressure. If necessary, change the front and rear axle tires regularly.

  2. Local wear and tear caused by braking. This wear phenomenon, if necessary, to correct the braking system; at the same time, the owner should pay attention to the driving to avoid emergency braking.

  3. The tread rubber block is cut off for diagnosis. On the road, sharp foreign objects, including debris, may cut off the tread rubber, and may damage the steel ring or tire cord layer. In the process of driving, the owner of the road to see the appearance of foreign objects, but also to avoid in time.

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