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The Maintenance Points of Industrial and Agricultural Tires and ATV in Summer, Hurry to Collect!

2022·08·31industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV are important parts of the vehicle, it is an important factor to ensure driving safety, so once it comes to the hot summer, in order to ensure safe driving, you should pay great attention to the basic industrial and agricultural tires and ATV maintenance work.

  It is hot weather in summer, the temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the tire temperature becomes smaller in the process of driving, which is easy to lead to slow tire heat dissipation and aggravated wear. In order to avoid unnecessary risks brought by high temperature to driving,special attention should be paid to the maintenance of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, such as regular tread inspection.Although long-term driving on the pattern has a certain consumption, but if the pattern depth is too shallow, the tire grip ability is greatly reduced, can not play the role of waterproof anti-skid.

  In addition, if the tread is mixed with other foreign bodies, a long time to bump and extrusion will aggravate the tire wear.

  In addition, pay attention to the tire pressure to conform to the standard.The tire pressure is too high, the contact area between the tire and the ground is reduced, the unit pressure will increase.Tire pressure is too low, tire and ground contact area increases, increase the friction area, easy to lead to increased fuel consumption, so always let the tire pressure to maintain within a reasonable range.

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